Shamanism Can Help You Manifest Your Purpose

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What is Shamanism?

Despite the fact that there has been more and more awareness around this ancient practice, Shamanism might still seem ‘out of this world’ too many of you. But Shamanism isn’t a ‘woo-woo’ trend at all. It is a powerful path to choose, and can help you manifest a life full of purpose that you love (yes, just that!). Shamanism has been defined as “a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.[1]”

While Shamanism is ancient, it is still undertaken by many people around the world, especially indigenous tribes. Whether or not it resonates with you, we should all be extremely respectful of the indigenous, African-American, Toltec, (or of any other origin) masters that have and are still sharing their knowledge and way of life with us.

However, Shamanism isn’t a defined-set of concepts that never changes. Different tribes in different parts of the world engage in different practices. The most important when reading this article is for you to take what resonates with you and leave the rest. However, remember that on a journey of Alchemy and reaching one’s purpose, it is indispensable to keep an open mind and heart.

Have you ever had the desire to transform something in your life? Maybe a habit, a relationship, your environment, or some other aspects of your life? I often feel as though I live in a continual quest for transformation––the kind that will improve my life and the world around me. […] For me, Shamanism is synonymous with transformation. Every single aspect of this beautiful path helps me positively change some aspect of my life.” – Parminder Randhawa

What does the Shamanic path has to do with your purpose and potential?

For starters, one of the concepts present in Shamanism is the idea of co-creation with the Universe. What does that mean? Basically, that we are NOT victims who have to navigate outside circumstances we have no control over. We are Co-Creators of our reality – our inner talk is our conversation with the Universe (or God, or Light, or whatever you wish to call it).

We take responsibility for all aspects of our life, good, bad, challenging, ugly or magnificent. We take ownership of our wounding, so that we can let go of it. Spirit and our spiritual guides help us release resentments, fears, destructive habits and beliefs. Co-creation is about knowing that we have a huge part in creating our lives: what we believe basically becomes true. Living the life of our dreams and finding our path is in our hands.

What is important is to realize that this isn’t about assigning blame or feeling guilty (“I created these circumstances that make me unhappy because I’m not good enough.”), but to reclaim power over every single aspect of our life. Co-creation is a precursor to complete empowerment.

Using offerings to accelerate manifestation

Shamanism teaches us the importance of offerings. While this isn’t something that we absolutely have to do in order to manifest something in our life, offerings can be a great addition to our manifestation routine. Indeed, nothing can be manifested in alignment if we are not grateful. Offerings are a way for us to show our gratitude in the physical world.

Offerings, even just a prayer or a ceremony, are a way to give back the Universal Creative Power. Even a simple “thank you” can be an offering. Giving offerings can be turned into a powerful practice. It can be done daily, anywhere and at anytime.

The offerings should be meaningful to you. You want to sincerely be giving something that matters to you. Having an actual relationship with the offering will increase the impact of offering itself. Spend time growing sacred plants, collect wood from a place significance to you or from a water stream.

In sum, Shamanism teaches us to see ourselves as being an inherent part of the Universe rather than a separated individual. When we get to this level of understanding, we can use the specific teachings of Shamanic traditions to manifest our purpose, living our life mission to the fullest and being the best version of ourselves.


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[1] Hoppál 1987. p. 76.

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