How the Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life

I always had an unwavering desire to find ways that could allow me expand my consciousness, go further than what we see and perceive. Something that could uplift me and give me the wings to fly and embrace who I truly am… this is a journey of self discovery.

My journey started with a trip in Peru where I experienced sacred medicinal plants in the deep jungle of Iquitos, that revealed to be one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I connected with myself and felt the oneness of the whole humanity on this earth.

Right after coming out of the jungle, literally the next day, once I had internet connection I received a message from a dear brother who told me about the upcoming shamanic yoga teacher training lead by Juan Pablo Barahona in Costa Rica. I thought immediately about the Divine alignment and being in the flow I decided to join the training, considering that I was manifesting the perfect yoga training for a while. I booked my flight and arrived in San Jose Costa Rica where I met Juan Pablo, one of the most incredible human beings I met in my life. Five days later the shamanic yoga journey started in the retreat center Finca Mia in Chirripo, one of the most magical and enchanting location immersed in the pure, uncontaminated nature. Pacha mamma with her palm trees, marvelous flowers, howler monkeys, squirrels, singular birds and the healing river coming from the mountains was the spectacle we were immersed in.

The training started and what I experienced revealed to be transformational from the very first day. It wasn’t just a yoga training but a deep healing for each and everyone of us. Juan Pablo is a master in holding space and creating a safe container where everybody can be himself, in touch with his own vulnerabilities, emotions and feelings. So much love, dedication and commitment!

Juan Pablo isn’t just a teacher, he is a life alchemist devoted to service. He was able to help us explore ourselves and hold the space while we stepped up into our absolute BEST version. He wasn’t a giver of truth but rather a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student find for himself. He has an unparalleled attention to detail, a unique ability to tune into the group’s energy, a sensitive mind that constantly adapted to the situation at a given moment which made of him the guide which propelled us to search for the truth within us, and the healing within ourselves.  

What we experienced wasn’t a regular yoga class but sooo much more. We all went for a yoga teachers training but what we have been granted with instead was one of the most intense personal growth journeys of our lives. We connected at a soul level with each other, mirroring the awesomeness that we are and what made of us a soul family.

The cacao ceremonies helped us drop into our hearts, drumming got us in touch with our roots and our core, breathing techniques and meditation let us peel like an onion our fears, things that hold us back and don’t serve us anymore  stopping us from shining and evolving, fire ceremonies under the stars gathered all of us together where we could share songs, prayers and dreams we want to manifest in the world. Lots of teachings on compassion, unconditional self love, self acceptance, flow and surrender to life. Ancient wisdom, Chinese medicine, Chi Kung, incredible guest teachers blew our minds away. We learned so many various disciplines that no other yoga training out there could closely be compared to the incredible richness of tools and wisdoms we acquired in a month.


If you are expecting a classical yoga course focused 100% on Asanas and stretching this course isn’t designed for you. If you are open to the unknown, ready to discover the magic within you, awaken your full potential from within and take one of the most intense transformation journeys of your life, ready to go on a roller coaster ride, with deep introspection, healing and ready to question the paradigm of life you live in no matter what society says – you are in the right place.

What I left with from this training isn’t merely my 300 hours yoga alliance teachers certificate but what really made an incredible impact on my life is the tribe, the soul family that I now have and adore. This family of change-makers, of people who don’t settle for nothing less than awesome, who want to share in deep love their gifts with the world and who are always there at any moment I need their presence, advice, support and love.  

Now, more than ever I feel READY and COMMITTED to step into MY life and make the magic happen. No fears or not enough feelings can hold me back anymore or stop me from realizing my life mission, my purpose that I came here for.

So, to summarize in short points this is why I cannot recommend highly enough Juan Pablo’s Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training to anyone seeking to know their gifts and their place in the world.



Costa Rica is a pure magical paradise along with the retreat centers our training was held. Finca Mia in Chirripo – the magic and the power of the mountains, considered one of the most energetic mountains in the country. Posada Natura – one of a kind wellness and healing retreat.  A place where hundred percent of our meals were deliciously organic and made with love. Punta Mona – a sustainable learning center located on the Southern Caribbean coast, hidden in the wildlife jungle with no main roads leading to it. The delicious food freshly prepared with ingredients that are picked moments before eating them from the aquaculture garden containing thousands of varieties of plants.  A pure gem and a truly one-of-a-kind place if there ever was one.


Unparalleled amount of unique teachings along the yoga classes. Ancient Wisdom, Chinese medicine, Chi Kung, shamanism, meditation, breath work, sound healing, drumming. Unique international exclusive guest teachers that brought us incredible value.


Ecstatic dancing, cacao ceremonies, sacred fire ceremonies, tours in nature.

Soul Family:

Something you can’t trade for anything on earth. And of course, last but not the least, The Yoga Alliance CERTIFICATE!  

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