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In October this year, our Teacher and Director Juan Pablo Barahona and the amazing Regan Hillyer are taking a small group of people deep into the jungles of Peru for 9 days!

The 9-day immersion is called Unleashing Into Abundance, and we are helping people unlock, unleash and live into the next level of abundance and impact, that you know is waiting for you right now.

In Peru, the group will be working directly with an incredible Shaman, who will be guiding incredible plant medicine journeys, allowing you to see more, feel more, experience more, and dig deeper into purpose, flow, and abundance.

We will then be spending time doing deep work, to rewire you internally to succeed, allowing you to ground the plant medicine experience into intentional purpose and direction, so that you can rise to new levels, creating the impact you desire to create in this world, from within.

The next integral part of the process is working with Juan Pablo Barahona, to full become the version of you who is grounded in this next level of self-discovery. Juan Pablo will use his Shamanic work and ways of life, to allow you to fully embody and integrate the shifts and evolutions, at a cellular level.

Pushing, pulling and grounding your body, so that you walk away from the immersion, not thinking about what you need to do, but knowing that you have already become the change that you desire to create.

It will be full on, it will be deeper than you can imagine, it will be an environment of extremely high level, of incredible souls who are committed to changing the world…and needless to say, it will change your life!


» If Peru is calling you, and you know that you need to be one of the people at Unleashing Into Abundance, just send us an email to info@reganannehillyer.com, and we’ll send you the details about how to apply! «

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