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3 Days going DEEP with Regan Anne Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona in amazing Costa Rica!!!

Tapping into your SOUL,
So that your soul can REMEMBER what it already knows,
Which will result in massively accelerating your results in every area of your life!

We’re talking being on purpose every day,
In a rocking body,
Receiving the abundance you deserve,
And of course the LOVE you deserve,
And so much more…

Combing collectively over 30 years of deep transformational work, so you can manifest from the mental, physical and energetic realms all at once!

We are diving deep into:


— Awakening the power of your core
— Igniting your intuition
— Increasing your capacity to download from source
— Tapping into manifestation through sexual energy
— Switching from manufacturing your life and instead tapping into receiving it
— Personal manifestation daily ritual that we help you design
— Transforming energetic blocks and limitations
— Fire soul activation
— Raising your energetic thermostat
— Becoming more and more available to your higher purpose
— Deep unconscious healing
— Embodying the shifts at a cellular level
— DNA activation
— Harnessing and balancing fem and masculine energy for manifestation
— Processes to surrender control and activate receiving
— Using sacred play to call in what you desire
— Redirecting energy you channel so you can redirect it into abundance
— Learning how to be super present to your soul
— Opening your channel and becoming more available for downloads
— Accelerating your ability to tap into the core of soul purpose
— Revealing your soul’s past and present blueprint
And much much more!
To Apply – Please message Regan directly on FB https://www.facebook.com/ReganHillyer/?pnref=lhc

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