Embody Your Truth: Technique & Key Exercise

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Why does who you get to embody matters:

Most of us, especially in Westernized societies, have been taught that everything should be logical, and that we should focus on being rational. Now, it is true that thoughts can be a valuable source of information, and logic a good research method. But when we define them as the only forms of intelligence that matter, we miss out on massive pools of wisdom that we could have open access to otherwise – the wisdom of knowing how to embody who we truly are.

Science has now shown that we have other forms of intelligence in our body, for example in our gut and in our heart. The problem is that most of us have lost touch with the information that is given by us through the way we feel in our body, or through intuition. When we focus only on what we think about, we lose track of the power of we access when we embody our true self. It’s almost as if we were daydreaming, forgetting to plant our feet firmly on the ground.

Embodiment, Potential & Purpose

The principle of embodiment is essential for anyone who cares about reaching their full potential. Indeed, we cannot get in touch with our purpose if we are not fully present with the fact that we are here, on Earth, in this life. If you think about it, your purpose is the reason why you are here, and your potential the skills for you to succeed in accomplishing your mission and sharing your message with the world. Therefore, the question is, how are you going to embody your purpose?

The body is the vehicle through which we can accomplish our purpose. It’s not like our purpose is floating around in the world somewhere. We have to manifest it, using our body as a tool to evolve in the physical world. When we understand this, it becomes easier to grasp the importance of practicing embodiment. This importance has been reflected in the focus given to clearing the body of blockages in many spiritual traditions, be it through a specific diet, music or emotional grounding. Here, I share an embodiment exercise that has been incredibly useful to me throughout my years of practice and teaching.

Exercise to embody your authentic self:

The breath is our first tool to get in touch with our body. Indeed, it is an incessant cycle through which energy is brought in and released from the body. Check your posture right now. Are you reading all hunched over your book or computer? We cannot breathe well if we do not have a good posture. Straighten your spine, open your chest.

Feel your heart facing forward. On the inhale, expand your belly and then your chest. On the following exhale, observe if there is any tension in our body. Relax your shoulders, neck and jaw. Keep breathing deeply and slowly, always expanding your belly on the inhale. After a while, start counting so that your inhalation and exhalation are the same length; this will allow you to balance your brain’s two hemispheres, and in turn will help you bring balance to your thoughts and emotions.

When you have the first part of the exercise covered, make the sound “a” on the exhale – sound healing is a powerful tool to release physically, emotionally and energetically. Sound is an extremely subtle energy, so it allows us to work on all aspects of our being at the same time. Repeat the exhale with an “a” several times. Don’t be scared to be loud! Once you feel comfortable doing this, start humming the sound “m”. You will fill it resonate inside you. These sounds assist us so that we can vibrate with the vibration of our full potential.

To embody, to be in one’s body:

The body is the vehicle for our consciousness to express itself in the physical world. How we see ourselves, the way we feed ourselves and let emotions flow (or not) through our body says a lot about the state of mind we are in, and the challenges we are facing. When we are disconnected from our purpose, we are almost always disconnected from our body too, and vice versa. When we start exploring the way we deal with and feel in our body, we quickly gather a map of the internal blockages that keep us from manifesting what we want.

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Soizic June Hagège

Soizic Hagège is the Community Manager at KAWOQ, and a multilingual writer known for publications in Elephant Journal, mindbodygreen, Les Pétroleuses & Tapestry. She currently writes about wellness, vibrant health and personal development, along with working on ghostwriting projects. Soizic is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Therapist and film editor. She lives a location-free lifestyle.

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