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Shamanism Can Help You Manifest Your Purpose

Despite the fact that there has been more and more awareness around this ancient practice, Shamanism might still seem 'out of this world' too many of you. But Shamanism isn't a 'woo-woo' trend at all. It is a powerful path to choose, and can help you manifest a life full of purpose that you love.

Embody Your Truth: Technique & Key Exercise

Most of us, especially in Westernized societies, have been taught that everything should be logical, and that we should focus on being rational. Now, it is true that thoughts can be a valuable source of information, and logic a good research method. But when we define them as the only forms of intelligence that matter, we miss out on massive pools of wisdom that we could have open access to otherwise - the wisdom of knowing how to embody who we truly are.

The 3 Toxic Myths Of Scarcity That Were Killing Me

I was giving so much... always serving the world from a very young age, so submerged in my spiritual path that abundance wasn’t part of my plate at all. Actually with time I found I had a great repel to money and even judgement to people that loved money and lived in abundance. Unconsciously I was totally rejecting having money in my life for so long, I just wanted to do my inner spiritual work and share my fruits with the world.

Healing Grounding

Direct contact with Gaia, our nurturing mother, allows the entry of free electrons through the soles of the feet, that precise contact is known as one of the most powerful antioxidant effects that cause a series of multiple benefits.

E-motions… Energy in Motion

Dealing with emotions is a constant in our lives: we deal with them every day! Emotions might arise at any time or any giving moment catching us by surprise and depending on the circumstances they can make us feel as if we are riding on a roller coaster. Has it happened that in a day with emotional ups and downs you get to the end feeling tired? As a matter of fact emotions can raise or lower you vibrational frequency and thus alter your energy levels and attitude on life.